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People got ready for Ninja Cheerleaders, the hard-hitting, kick-in-the-face drama about a crack trio of ninja warriors, who also happened to be among the sexiest cheerleaders to step foot in front of a movie camera. People met Courtney (Trishelle Cannatella), April (Ginny Weirick), and Monica (Maitland McConnell), three beautiful women leading double lives. By day, they were cheerleaders; by night, ninjas. When these three bad-ass beauties discovered their master Hiroshi (George Takei, Mr. Sulu from Star Trek) had been taken captive by the evil Victor Lazzaro (Michael Pare, Eddie and the Cruisers 1 and 2, The Lincoln Lawyer), they set out on a rescue mission that involved plenty of ass-kicking and painful payback.

Saving Hiroshi wasn't easy, however. To do so, they had to fend off Kinji (Natasha Chang), a deadly ninja assassin and Lazzaro's hired gun, while also staying one step ahead of police detective Harris (Larry Poindexter).

Additional cast included Michael FitzGibbon as Red, Omar J. Dorsey as Manny, Eric Stonestreet as Beergut, Richard Davalos as Don Lazzaro, Max Perlich as Jimmy "The Snitch", Jullian Sonteay as Harry "Gonshow", Dion DeRizzo as Al "The Stepfather," Curtis C. as Professor Stevens, Melanie Daniels as April's mom, and Charyse Monet as the student C-Sharp.

In additional uncredited performances were David E. Brown as the Coach, Christopher Collard as Gary "The Rat," Brittany Madelynn Daniels as the Inmate, Rico Devereaux as Thug 1, Anthony DiRocco as Thug 2, Eric Reinholt as Thug 3, Jeffrey Scott Jones as Thug 4, Mark Casimir Dyniewicz as the Rowdy Strip Club Patron 1, Brandon McKinnie as Basketball Player 1, Antonii Evan as the Basketball Player 2, Mike Wilson Sailor 1, Garret Forbes as Sailor 2, Reuben Langdon as Sailor 3, Mary Pascoe as Cheerleader 1, Hayley Holmes as the Cheerleader 2, Beverly Hotsprings as Foxey, Lu Johnson as the Basketball Coach, Shane Kaufman as Brian, Mirielle Leconte as Belle, and Ryan Manuel as the Rowdy Strip Club Patron 2.

Originally shot in 2008 through the able hands of director David Presley, this low-budget action spectacle continues to be a favorite among ninja enthusiasts and fans of sexy women. In 2011, UGO Networks included the The Ninja Cheerleaders on their list of 25 Hot Ninja Girls, and it led to many enthusiastic women taking up the martial arts.